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Hey there!

My name is Vinnie! I am excited to bring you this blog to help you create your own studio at home, whether it’s for photography, recording audio, podcasts or videos!

I have always had a passion for recording and producing content for others since I went to university. I helped numerous people set up their home studios for recording YouTube videos, songs, and other purposes in the past. I have also helped friends set up their home photography studios too.

I hope you find what you are looking for, so search around!!  

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Expert Contributors

Our expert contributors have a wealth of experience within the field of playing instruments, music production, and managing recording studios. Together, we bring a wide range of experiences to our site through the content we develop.  

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Adam Coolong
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Nik Johnson

Adam Coolong has played with his band Wild Colonial Bhoys full-time for over fifteen years and has recorded dozens of albums through his studio business, Varsity Audio Recording Services. 

Professional Links: Band WebsiteOpens in a new tab., Varsity Recording Website,Opens in a new tab. AirGigsOpens in a new tab.

Nik Johnson, after getting his first drum set at the age of 11, knew music would always hold a dear place in his heart. He has been in countless bands over the years and has had the great pleasure of touring the country and meeting some great people along the way!

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Robert Ruby
Dom Purdie

Robert Ruby is a professional musician based in Hollywood. He operates a small music studio just outside Downtown Los Angeles. Robert loves to keep busy with a diverse array of music projects, taking on anything that interests him. He has written hundreds of songs, composed soundtracks for games and short films, arranged and produced music for musicals, and produced music for other musicians.

Professional Links: WebsiteOpens in a new tab., SoundBetterOpens in a new tab., AirGigsOpens in a new tab., YouTubeOpens in a new tab., InstagramOpens in a new tab.

Damon Siseman
Damon Siseman

Damon Siseman is a part-time audio engineer, part-time writer from Surrey, UK. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Plymouth and ARSM Diploma in Piano. With 5 years of experience in music production, he has a keen interest in all things musical and makes it his goal to help independent musicians achieve the professional-quality sound of their dreams.

You can find more from him at: https://f4rsideaudio.carrd.co/Opens in a new tab.

Dom Purdie is an audio engineer/music producer/composer based in the United Kingdom. He graduated from Bath Spa University in 2019 with BA in Creative Music Technology. Since then, he has worked as a freelance audio engineer for artists and producers, as well as working on audio for lm with experience as a dubbing mixer, composer, and sound designer. He has released electronic music under the name “Audiorate” as well as a non-musical sound art piece under his own name titled “Sticky Situation”.
Professional links: LinkedInOpens in a new tab., IMDbOpens in a new tab.

Ciaran Cosway 3
Ciaran Cosway

Ciarán Jai Cosway is a music composer and producer with a particular interest in the field of games. He enjoys creating orchestral, and acoustic music, but is also known for writing in retro and electronic styles. Graduating with a First Class Bachelor’s degree in music, he wishes to share his knowledge of composition, and music technology in order to help those going in a similar direction. To hear his music, or to get in touch, then visit his website at:

https://www.ciarancosway.com/Opens in a new tab.

Trey Porter 2
Trey Porter

Trey Porter is a writer and musician from Santa Cruz, California. His passion for writing started at UC Santa Cruz in 2017 where he majored in Creative Writing. He ended up transferring to Massey University to Study Commercial music in 2018/2019 to follow his interests. For the past four years he has been working on a music album called “University Waves,” which is a conceptual album about University experience, surfing, music, and personal development. He is working a new project called “Offside,” which combines edgy comedy and music and hopefully includes a lot of visual art.

https://soundbetter.com/Opens in a new tab.profilesOpens in a new tab./182907-trey-pOpens in a new tab.
https://www.instagram.com/treyportermusic/Opens in a new tab.
https://soundclouOpens in a new tab.d.com/trey-porter2Opens in a new tab.

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