Do You Need the Internet To Use Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you can use as a professional mixer or music producer. Although you can use the platform when you’re offline, you might run into a few problems. For instance, You may have difficulty opening it or reloading your files. Why is that?

Pro Tools doesn’t need an internet connection. If you save the changes frequently, you don’t need internet access except for some online tasks, including the license check, loading the project, and adding multiple users to it. Producers can save all the changes on storage and work offline.

This article will explain when you need an internet connection to use Pro Tools. We’ll also tell you how to use the app offline and whether your connection affects your experience with the app. 

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When Should You Use Pro Tools Online?

Pro Tools is a comprehensive platform for music production, sound recording, and editing. It comes with various virtual instruments and effects, which you can access through an internet connection. 

It’s a subscription-based application and checks your license every time you log on. You should renew the license every month or year. If the software’s license check fails, you can’t access Pro Tools, and that’s when you see an activation error. 

Here are some reasons you may need an internet connection when using Pro Tools:


You’ll need an internet connection to download Pro Tools and create your iLok account. This account is a private saving area that can load software licenses and save the changes you make, like editing and recording. 

iLok is a USB device that holds the data sent to your iLok account and saves your audio tracks. It needs an internet connection to receive your license, but this is a one-time thing.

Saving Your Projects

The first time you log into your Pro Tools account, you can start working on your first project and save it while you’re online. Working with cloud projects in Pro Tools requires a persistent internet connection. Cloud storage allows you to save data on an iLok or any other physical location, which you can access via the internet.

Collaborating With Others

You can use Pro Tools online to work with up to two other producers or collaborators on any project. You have the chance to add people to your project and cycle them in and out. You can store all Project files in your cloud storage space and access your Projects when you have an internet connection.

If you like to facilitate online collaboration, the Avid linkOpens in a new tab. can help. This free app enables you to communicate, promote your work, and purchase musical products. You can benefit more from your online Pro Tools and enjoy a new experience by using this app.

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How Can You Use Pro Tools Offline?

You may lose internet connection and don’t know how to work with Pro Tools without being online. While working on your audio track, you don’t always need to be online. 

Here are a few suggestions on how you can stay offline while continuing to work with Pro Tools:

  • Stay logged in. You can work offline once you’ve logged in to your account for the first time and continue working on the project you start. If you don’t log out, you’ll stay in offline mode, and you can keep working on your project. The next time you connect to the internet on the same computer and Pro Tools account, the app will sync your unsaved changes with the cloud.
  • Use iLok to load your license. As long as you deposit a Pro Tools license, you don’t need internet access to load it. Just make sure your iLok is plugged into a USB port to save the changes, and you’re all set. Ilok is a good choice if you don’t want to lose all your data.

Does Internet Speed Affect Pro Tools?

The faster your connection, the more enjoyable your experience will be. Pro Tools works with connections supporting above 4 Mbps. If you want a flawless experience, you should get a 10 Mbps connection.   

Lower speeds may cause graphic freezing or audial disconnection. Plus, automatic updates may fail or take too long to download. In some cases, your internet speed may be too slow for downloading virtual instruments or effects.

Do You Need a Stable Internet To Use Pro Tools?

Some usersOpens in a new tab. may experience problems with an unstable internet connection. Things get worse when they disconnect the iLok server or keep receiving a subscription error. It seems that after each disconnection, Pro Tools shuts down because it can’t locate the license files. 

The first time iLok shuts down, you may think the server doesn’t respond, or that your license has expired. However, it’s most likely a problem with your internet connection. That’s why connectivity is the first thing you should check. If the problem persists, check that the USB lock is still connected or restart your computer as a last resort. 

What Are the Benefits of Staying Connected?

Pro Tools lets you connect and collaborate with up to two musicians or producers. You can stay connected and do some cool stuff.

  • Discuss projects. You connect with groups of collaborators, join the conversations, stay up to date, and comment on different projects.
  • Share your music. You can distribute your audio tracks on music apps like Spotify or Amazon. You may even get the chance to promote the music you create and release it worldwide.
  • Win prizes. You can take part in Pro Tools’ online competitions and win prizes. Plus, advertisingOpens in a new tab. other artist’s tracks can help you earn money.
  • Update your Pro Tools. The full version of Pro Tools comes with a one-year support package, which includes automatic software updates and technical assistance. You’ll get the latest updates when you’re online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Ideal Internet Speed for Pro Tools?

Clearly, a faster connection gives you a better experience. Your connection should support at least 4 Mbps. Anything lower than that will make it harder for you to use Pro Tools because downloading instruments and effects will take very long. Also, make sure your connection is stable and noise-free. You don’t want your downloads to keep failing abruptly. 

What Happens if You Lose Your Internet Connection?

When using Pro Tools, you may suddenly lose connection and wonder if your changes will be saved. Fortunately, Pro Tools versions are all cloud-basedOpens in a new tab., which means your changes are stored on your device before being sent to a private cloud. So, you don’t have to worry about your work disappearing. Everything will sync up the next time you connect to the internet. 

Does iLok Need an Internet Connection?

iLok needs an internet connection to verify your license. Before you use Pro Tools online, an error message appears asking for a subscription to let you keep working. Once you connect to the internet, iLok identifies the license, and the message goes away. In case you want to use Pro Tools offline and avoid errors, you can download the iLok license managerOpens in a new tab..


You don’t always need an internet connection when working with Pro Tools. It would help if you were online the first time you log in to your account, and you also need a connection for license activation. If you want to work with multiple users, you also need to be online first.

While working with Pro Tools, you may worry about saving the changes you made when you lose your connection. You can load the license and changes in a separate private space and work offline. 


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