Is the Canon 80D Good for Portraits?

Canon is known for producing excellent cameras designed for both beginners and professional photographers. In fact, the Canon 80D was created to be used anywhere, by anyone. However, it is hard to know if it is the best camera for what you intend to use it for, especially with so many cameras on the market.

For the price, the Canon 80D is a good camera for taking portraits. This camera produces high-quality images, has an advanced autofocus system, and utilizes an Intelligent Viewfinder. Potential downsides of the Canon 80D include no sensor-based image stabilization and lower video capture resolution.

Overall Rating78/100
Image Quality80/100
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Pros of the Canon 80D

  • Compared to similar cameras on the market, this camera is well-priced.
  • It has face detection focusing, which helps the photographer locate the faces in an image.
  • The Canon 80D has a good battery life, which means more shots per battery charge.
  • There are many online tutorials available for amateur photographers and seasoned professionals.
  • Large ISO range (100-16000) for high-quality photographs and videos.
  • There is an external microphone port and a headphone port.
  • For outdoor use, the camera has environmental sealing to protect it from the elements.

Cons of the Canon 80D

  • When compared with similar cameras, this camera is slightly thicker and heavier. 
  • The Canon 80D lacks a sensor-based image stabilization system, but an additional lens can be purchased.

Is This Camera Good for Your Needs?

Before purchasing a camera, it is important to establish what you will be using the camera for. There are many different types of photography, from landscape to fashion to food to macro. All of them pose challenges and require features that are specific to the type of photography. 

When researching a camera, I recommend checking out the manufacturer’s website, where the specifications and features are listed for each of their products. Additionally, companies such as CanonOpens in a new tab. offer consumer and business support if you are unable to find the answer to your question.

If your goal is to do mostly portrait photography, Digital Photo Mentor recommends the following minimum specificationsOpens in a new tab. to look for when shopping for cameras:

  • Autofocus
  • 1/200th Shutter Speed (or 1/15th for a tripod)
  • f/2-f/4 Aperture (for one person; f/5.6-f/8 for groups)
  • Single-shot drive mode
  • 100-400 ISOOpens in a new tab. (if shutter speed needs to be faster, higher ISO is needed)

As a popular choice for many photographers, the Canon 80D can provide these features, either as purchased or with additional accessories. If you need a camera that can provide high quality, clear portraits without breaking the bank, then this camera may be a good choice for you.

Why the Canon 80D Is Good for Portraits

It Costs Less Than Its Competitors

Unless money is no object, most cameras on the market will offer some advantages and some trade-offs when compared to their competition. Although some features may not apply to you, it is important to understand the limitations of your new perspective camera, as well as what makes it best in its class.

For those that are just beginning their photography careers or are just interested in pursuing it as a hobby, the Canon 80D offers many features of a high-quality camera, but without the price tag. 

There Are Many Online Tutorials

Due to its popularity and price, there are many helpful guides available for the Canon 80D. Tutorials can vary from basic to advanced and can provide insight on how to use the camera or perfect your photography style. 

For a tutorial on how to take portraits, check out this video from Bach Photography:

This video is beneficial for anyone interested in portrait photography, as it includes composition, lighting, and editing.

It Has a Good Battery Life 

The battery life of a Canon 80D can support a shooting life of up to 960. Although this may be about average for the type of camera, it is higher than other Canon cameras with a similar price tag. Batteries are expensive and cumbersome, but constantly changing them is a nuisance to any photographer, portrait, or otherwise. 

The Downsides

It Is Heavier Than Similar Cameras

The Canon 80D has a width of 79 mm (3.1 inches) and a weight of 730 g (1.6 lbs), which is similar to other Canon DSLR cameras. However, the Canon 80D is larger and heavier than similar modelsOpens in a new tab. from Nikon and Pentax’s brands. This weight would be most noticeable during long photoshoots when the camera must remain still, such as a family portrait session.

If you plan to use a tripodOpens in a new tab. to take your photos, the camera’s weight is not an important characteristic. For an economical choice, I recommend this AmazonBasics TripodOpens in a new tab. from It comes with a carrying case and is compatible with most digital cameras.

Tough to Use Without Accessories

With what seems like an infinite number of cameras to pick from, there are just as many accessories that are available to purchase. Items such as lenses and flashes vary according to need, price, and photography style. 

The Canon 80D does not come equipped with a sensor-based image stabilization system, which is a vital feature for shooting portraits, as well as street and sports photography. Although the Canon 80D lacks this image stabilization, many lenses can be bought and screwed directly to the camera lens. 

Alternatively, I recommend purchasing the Canon 80D With the Image Stabilization STM Lens Opens in a new tab.from if you know this will be a feature you require for your photography.

There are many additional accessories for photographers who wish to improve the quality of their portrait photography. In addition to a DSLR camera, Fix the Photo recommends the following equipmentOpens in a new tab. for portrait photography:

  • Portrait lens (high aperture, a focal length of 70-200 mm)
  • Shutter release
  • Flash
  • Softbox
  • Reflectors

Check out this article to find out where to focus in portrait photography.Opens in a new tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Canon 80D come with a warranty?

There are many options to get a warranty while buying your new Canon 80D camera. For example, the Canon eStoreOpens in a new tab. offers service plans based on the product and can last from one to two years from the purchase date. Alternative vendors can also offer warranties or protection plans, which differ in length and coverage.

What is the difference between the Canon 70D and the Canon 80D?

Compared to the newer Canon 80D, the Canon 70D is a slightly heavier version with fewer features, less battery life, and can produce images with higher resolution and color depth. Many agree that it is worth upgrading, as they have found the Canon 80D to have many more functions than its predecessor. 

Can you take photos and videos with the Canon 80D?

The Canon 80D can take both photos and videos, although it is mostly bought for photography. According to CanonOpens in a new tab., the Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps create videos that are smoother, faster, and more accurate than previous models.

Final Thoughts

It is important to understand what type of photography you would like to pursue, as portrait photography would require specific features and specifications. There are many positives of the Canon 80D, including the price and battery life. However, it is heavy and, more importantly, does not have a built-in image stabilization system. 

Many accessories are available for photographers using this camera, including lenses and flashes, which can improve any photography quality. In conclusion, the Canon 80D can be described as a good camera for taking portrait photographs. 


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