Should You Record Music in Pro Studio or Your Home Studio?


We have all come across at a point where we ponder on the idea – “Should I just record on a pro Studio??.. Is it going to help me?? .. Hmmm!!”

To tell you the truth there is no exact answer to this as it depends on various factors that you can take into account.

There are many differences between home studio and professionalOpens in a new tab. studio. You need to take in or look into the factors before you choose between them.

After you have consider all the factors (Coming to the factors latter), choose the one that will suit you the best for your current situation.

Factors that You need Look Into

1.Cost of Recording in a Professional Studio


This is the most important thing that I could think of when you are choosing between the two. I think most of you who are reading this won’t have a big budget.

If you had the extra cash, then you won’t be searching about this in the first place and probably would have gone to a professional studio.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a better solution while having some cash with yourself .. then look into these things that I am talking about.

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Coming to the point – “How much does professional studio cost?”

These  types of studios may charge you on an hourly rate – 50$ to 300$ or more on average/hr – this is not a fixed price, it can go more or less depending on the studio.

There are other which charge per songs too – the price can range from 100$ to 500$/song. They can also charge based on projects too.

For recording an entire album, it would come around a few thousand dollars minimum. It can go way up to 10k, 20k, 30k+ for a big professional studio.

Now, you have got a simple idea on how much it would cost to record on a professional studio.

2.What you need to record music at Home?

Note : If you know about this, then you can just skip and go to the next part.

There are several things that you need to record a song or a band at home. First of all, what type of song or music are you planning to make.

The type of gears that you are going to need depends on the type of song you are going to make. Let’s look at some of the basic gears.

You are for sure going to need a DAW Software (Digital Audio Workstation) where you can monitor, cut, edit the tracks easily.

After that, the next important piece is the Audio interface. In short, it is a device which will enable you to connect your gears with your PC.

It converts Analog signals to Digital Signals. Next, you need microphones to record the instruments and vocals.

You are going to need cables to connect the gears together too. These things are the most important ones for a recording studio at your home.

There are other gears needed like guitars, amps, a pair of headphones, a pair of monitors, etc. and the list can go on. Most of latter gears can be added as per your requirement.

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3.Recording effectively

Do  you know how to record a song effectively? There are several factors that will affect your recordings which most of the people tend to leave out.


Let’s say you have all the recommended gears inside your home studio, but you don’t know how to position the gears inside your home recording studio.

It will surely affect your records and the problem will show up in your record if you neglect these things.

There are other factors like SoundproofingOpens in a new tab. and Acoustic TreatmentOpens in a new tab. which will bring out the ambience of your studio.

If you are just starting out, you won’t know much about these things and it will be hard for you to take them in all at once.

You won’t be able to do a perfect job even if you consider these things. There is a learning curve to it.

This would seriously need some time period before you turn into a pro. Therefore, keep in mind that you need to look out several factors while recording in your home studio.

And if you already have done this, then you can give a go with your home studio.

Home Studio Vs Professional Studio

Pros and Cons of a Home Studio

Recording on a Home Studio is a lot of fun too. If you are not in a rush and can keep up during the time period of perfecting the art, then you should go with it.

You will learn all the basic things needed to record a song as time goes and you can keep upgrading your studio too. In time, your studio will have grown to a full-fledged Studio.

You will also become an expert on recording music, which you can use the skills you acquired to earn a couple thousands per month easily.

The best thing is that you don’t need a big budget to start building your recording studio inside your room. You can record anything whenever you like it and you need not rush anything.

On the other hand, the con is that you have no one such as an expert to monitor your records during and after the recording.

Note : Even if you are not pro, you can still make your record or mix better. The article from Audioskills Opens in a new tab.will help you do that.

You need to master the recordings too if you want the best out of your recording and you won’t be able to do this yourself.

It will take much longer time as compared to recording on a professional one.

If you choose to record in a home studio, find out my tips on home recording basics.Opens in a new tab.

Pros and Cons of a Professional Studio

Let’s talk about recording on a professional one. A professional Studio will have a wide variety of gears and instruments. Your song or music will be the limit to this.

You can record any type of genre with the different types of microphonesOpens in a new tab. meant for each genre. For the info, you need different mics to record different gears.

They will also have those too. It will save you a lot of time because there will be professionals that are ready to help you throughout the recording.

All the things you need will be pretty much there all you have to do is – Go inside and do your thing.

However, there are cons to this too. You need to have a big budget as I have mentioned about the prices earlier.

You need to manage your time efficiently, so that you won’t waste your money. You have to do it in a schedule. “Time is money” when you consider this path.

Who are you Making For?

The audience you are making the music for will play an important role here. Are you going to release it in public? Or Is it for your friends and family? – not for the general public.

If you are going with the first part and you don’t know much about how the gear works, then you should go with the professional studio one.

If you are with the latter part, then you can probably manage with your home studio. You can start building a new one right away and learn along the way.

Remember, your budget is also one of the main factors you need to consider.

Which is Better?

There is no answer to this as you need to make a choice between the two based on your situations. Try considering the factors and come up with a decision that will suit you the best.

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