What Is Logic Pro X Good For? 3 Benefits

Logic Pro is one of the most popular choices of DAW among the music-making population. While there is a vast array of DAWs available on the broader market, one tends to observe the same options being utilized time and again throughout the community. Among a select few others, Logic Pro sits comfortably at the top of the most popular choices of DAW.

So what is Logic Pro X good for? Logic Pro X is good for all forms of creative music production. It is hailed for being one of the most user-friendly DAWs, making it a popular choice among songwriters and producers. Beyond its good user experience, it provides a great deal of technical precision and control.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of Logic Pro and how these benefits lend themselves to different practices. Since no single piece of software is the best across the board for every audio procedure, each DAW tends to excel in its own specific handful of areas.

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3 Benefits of Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is good for x benefits, they are:

  • Logic Pro X has great usability
  • Logic Pro X gives a lot of technical precision
  • Logic Pro X comes with high-quality stock sounds and plugins

Logic Pro Has Great Usability

Logic Pro has a well-designed layout that is aesthetically appealing and functionally intuitive. This makes it a comfortable environment in which to explore creative possibilities. 

It aims to remove excessive amounts of technical set-up, making for a rewarding user experience that is fast and smooth. This makes it a good choice for anybody wanting to produce music and employ a high-quality production sound without extensive technical knowledge or wasted time setting up.

Logic Pro Gives a Lot of Technical Precision

As well as offering a pleasant user experience, Logic Pro also gives the user a high degree of control over their production sound. This makes it an excellent choice for anybody looking to get more involved in the technical side of audio production (such as mixing, podcast editing, or post-production). 

While programs such as Pro Tools are considered the industry standard for these practices, Logic is more than capable of doing a similar job, with the added benefit of usability and familiarity (for users that are already accustomed to Logic).

Logic Pro Comes with High-Quality Stock Sounds and Plugins

For anybody looking to produce music quickly and easily without investing a lot in third-party software, Logic Pro provides excellent quality sounds straight out of the box. For the price you pay for Logic, the library of sounds you get access to is staggering, and the stock plugins provided are easily sufficient to make music of reasonably professional quality.

This makes Logic the ideal package for amateur music-makers. It provides high-quality sounds for almost every possible instrument. For example, the Logic Drum-Kit Designer allows you to obtain drum sounds that generally require a complete microphone set-up with enough space to house a real kit. It even gives users the option to mix each individual microphone for each element as if it were a real-world recording.

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Figure 1: Logic Pro Drum-Kit Designer – separate microphone channels

Is Logic Pro X Right For Me?

Like every DAW on the market, Logic Pro excels more in some areas than it does in others. In most cases, each DAW will have a specific area in which it beats all of the other DAWs on the market. The correct DAW for you will depend on your individual purposes. 

There are DAWs that cater to certain genres of music better than others, as well as DAWs better suited to other audio procedures such as post-production, sound design, film scoring, etc.

Logic Pro X Is Right For You If…

Logic Pro is ideal for most creative music makers, including film composers, producers, and songwriters. In particular, anyone who wants to record real-world sounds such as vocals or instruments, along with building full arrangements in the digital domain, will find Logic Pro a comfortable environment in which to express themselves. 

When attempting something similar in software like Ableton Live, people have said the environment does not cater to the workflow as Logic does. Even those just looking to use Logic exclusively to build arrangements will find the linear timeline in Logic a very comfortable space to work in.

As well as being a good environment for creative expression, Logic is also sufficiently deep software to allow for a high degree of technical control. This makes it a good choice for mixing engineers of music, films, and podcasts. While it is not as powerful as industry-standard software such as Pro Tools, it is sufficient to serve amateur mixing engineers. This, coupled with its user-friendliness, makes it a popular choice for amateur practitioners.

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Figure 2: Logic Pro Main Window

Logic Pro X Is Not Right For You If…

While Logic is an excellent choice for people working on music in a linear timeline, it is not so great for live performances, used with control surfaces and loop-based music. Although Logic is not bad for a loop-based workflow, software such as Ableton Live is designed specifically to be used in this way and tends to do a better job. Ableton’s primary workspace is based around a horizontal rack of clip loops that can be triggered at any time rather than a linear timeline. Since version 10.5, Logic Pro has exhibited a similar function in the form of “Live Loops.” Although this added functionality has improved Logic considerably, it is not as mature or powerful as the Ableton equivalent.

If you are looking to enter into a professional career in audio engineering, you might want to consider other options to Logic Pro. Logic is a great workspace to learnOpens in a new tab. techniques and practice your trade, but most industry professionals will use software such as Pro Tools. If you want to cultivate a professional understanding of digital audio, Logic may serve to inhibit you. It performs many tasks automatically in the interest of keeping the user experience carefree. On the other hand, Pro Tools does none of this and so encourages you to develop an understanding of the processes involved in each procedure.

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Figure 3: Pro Tools Edit view

Should I Wait For Logic Pro 11? No, Here’s Why

There is no sense in refraining from purchasing Logic Pro X in the interest of waiting for Logic Pro 11. For one, since there is no guarantee as to when Logic Pro 11 will be released, you could be waiting a while. The vast 10.5 update in May 2020 makes an imminent LogicOpens in a new tab. 11 release seem unlikely. 

Secondly, most users of Logic Pro X do not feel in any way limited by its power. You would not expect to be missing out on much if you were using Logic Pro X for some time while Logic Pro 11 was on the market. Many people also believe that an upgrade from Logic Pro X to Logic Pro 11 will be free of charge. This is, of course, not guaranteed, but there is speculation that Apple sees Logic Pro more as an incentive to buy Apple Macs than a direct means of profit.

Final Thoughts

Like any other DAW, Logic Pro has its strengths and weaknesses, as we have outlined in this article. However, when it comes to an all-around DAW that does everything at least reasonably well, Logic Pro has to be considered one of the highest-ranking options. Its versatility allows you to carry out almost any audio procedure with great effectiveness. 

If you are looking for a DAW that gives you a high degree of flexibility at an attractive price, Logic Pro is one of the best options. If you think you will be making exclusively loop-based music, or want a DAW that does not skip over the finer details of a professional audio workflow, then you may want to consider alternative options.


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