Can You Use a Lavalier Mic for Streaming?

Streaming has become one of the most widely used forms of entertainment, and one of the essential considerations of streaming is the type of microphone the entertainer uses. Lavalier microphones have been around for years and are popular for public speaking, theater, etc. The question is, however, can they be used for streaming?

You can use a Lavalier mic for streaming. Not only can Lavalier microphones be used for live streaming, but the reasons for doing so are also pretty compelling. The most significant benefit of using a Lavalier microphone, or Lav mic, is that it can be used wirelessly. 

Lav mics are excellent tools for live streamers who intend to be moving around during their production. They’re portable and still provide decent audio. This article will explore what Lav mics are and how they can be used in streaming. 

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Things To Consider When Streaming

When creating your music or other content to stream, there are a few things that you should consider. The first is the laptop and the digital workstation you choose to record and edit your content on. A lack of reliable technology can cause many audio and video issues when producing content for streaming. 

One of the most popular workstations for music production is a software called Pro Tools. Avid Technology developed this software and provides musicians with a one-stop shop for various sounds and instruments. It also provides over 120 plugins withOpens in a new tab. instruments, reverbs, and more options. Pro Tools also provides creators a way to get their music on the top streaming platforms and helps them find other artists to collaborate with. 

Pro Tools is a powerful software, so the type of laptop that a musician uses is essential. Based on an article written by Vinnie for HomeStudio Expert, the five best laptops for using Pro Tools Opens in a new tab.are as follows: 

  • ASAO ROG Strix G15 Gaming
  • Acer Predator Helios Gaming Laptop
  • Apple Macbook Pro
  • MSI Creator 15M
  • ASUS ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop

The final thing to consider when streaming is your environment. Background noise can cause audio issues that will take away from the created masterpieces. If you’re streaming with video, a background that isn’t distracting to the viewer is ideal. Know your audience and decorate your background with things that are pleasing to the eye but not overwhelming. 

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What Is a Lavalier Microphone?

Lavalier microphones are small microphones that can be attached to clothing or other objects by a clip or with tape. These mics are great for broadcasting, public speaking, vlogging, and performances on stage. 

The beauty of Lav mics is that they are lightweight, and they give the wearer the freedom to move around while also catching the audio needed. 

Lav mics can be either wired or wireless. Of course, the wireless version of the mic gives the streamer even more freedom to move. The wireless Lav mics work by transmitting the audio from the mic to the receiver using radio waves from the transmitter pack worn on the streamer’s belt or waistband. 

Pros and Cons of Lav Mics

The two most significant advantages of using a Lav mic for streaming are:

  • Portability. When streaming, the creator can wear the mic while playing an instrument, singing, talking, or moving around the room. The device is hands-free once it’s set up and can be easily hidden by clothes.
  • Discreteness. Most streamers don’t enjoy having a giant microphone in the middle of their video. They can be distracting to viewers and get in the creator’s way. Lav mics are a great solution because they can be attached to clothes or other objects to remain out of the camera’s view. Even if the mic can be seen, it’s not distracting because of its small size. 

As I mentioned, Lav mics are pretty much hands-freeOpens in a new tab. once they’ve been set up. All you have to do is attach the mic to a good spot, turn it on, and set the sound levels to their desired settings. All a sound engineer has to do now is keep an eye on the audio to ensure it’s clear and operating correctly. Depending on what the streaming is for, it allows engineers to mix the sound without leaving their station. 

Unfortunately, all good things have their drawbacks too. Though Lav mics are extremely helpful and convenient, they come with their cons. The three main disadvantages of Lav mics are:

  • Sound quality. Though some powerful Lav mics capture sounds well, the quality can still be an issue. The sound may be lower when using a Lav mic than a standard-sized boom microphone. If the mic is placed in the wrong spot, like too far away from a person’s face, it can keep the mic from picking up the entire audio or may cause the audio to sound too quiet. 
  • Power issues. Since Lav mics are battery-powered, they can die at inconvenient times. Creators using Lav mics should be prepared to change the batteries or charge the device when the power diminishes. 
  • Interference with the audio. Finally, Lav mics are typically worn on the creator’s clothes. If the person wearing the mic is moving around a lot, it can cause interference with the audio. Clothes rustling and other movements create noise that prevents the words, lyrics, or other sounds from being picked up clearly. Be sure to position the mic properly and test it before beginning to record or live stream. 

How To Position a Lav Mic

One of the most important factors to consider when using a Lav mic is the positioning of the device.Opens in a new tab. Keeping it close to your mouth and out of the way of clothing are the two most essential aspects of positioning. This will allow the mic to pick up the audio clearly and prevent interruptions from clothing.

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The best way to position a Lav mic is to clip it to the edge of clothing. Some examples would be the side of a tie, the lapel of a jacket, or the edge of a shirt with buttons. If you’re not wearing any of these, place the mic on the side of the neckline of a shirt or the shoulder strap of a shirt. 

Another consideration when using a Lav mic with a cord is to hide that cord, so it’s not seen in the video. You can hide these cords by running them underneath your shirt or jacket or taping them to the inside of your clothes using drapers’ tape or regular sticky tape. 


Lavalier microphones are an excellent option for creators that want to stream their music or other audio. They provide a lightweight and discreet way to record audio without the need for a distracting boom microphone. 

Some important considerations to remember include making sure the device connects to your laptop and any necessary software and that the mic is positioned correctly on the user. Be sure to place the mic where it is clear of clothing and keep it close enough to your mouth to pick up the audio. All in all, Lav mics are a conveniently great resource for streaming.


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