Is Adobe Premiere Pro Easy To Learn?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great video editing program for both experts and beginners. It is an excellent option if you have a basic understanding of filmmaking. But is Adobe Premiere Pro easy to learn?

Adobe Premiere Pro is easy to learn, especially if you invest in online classes. It’s a pretty simple piece of software with easy-to-find features. However, if you are a complete novice, you should start by experimenting with a video file using Adobe’s 7-day free trial.

This post will look at whether or not Adobe Premiere Pro is simple to learn and where to locate the finest learning materials for the software. Furthermore, I will explain how you may speed up your knowledge of the software.

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What is Adobe Premiere Pro Used For?

Adobe Premiere Pro is used for video editing to make it easy to create great videos quickly. You can use it to composite clips together, create transitions, and make videos for your projects.

Premiere Pro can be used to do all the things you need to do to make a video that looks good and is high quality. You can use it to import video, audio, and graphics. Premiere Pro is also used to create new versions of videos that can be exported into different formats.

How Easy Is Adobe Premiere Pro To Learn?

Adobe Premiere Pro is an easy video editing software to learn that most novices can use upon starting their video editing careers. The software includes everything a content creator needs to create a professional video, such as:

  • Clip editor
  • Color correction tools
  • Audio programs
  • Graphics software

Adobe Premiere Pro is relatively easy to learn if you have some basic experience with video editing. However, if you have no prior expertise with filmmakingOpens in a new tab., you may have difficulties. 

It would help if you started by studying the fundamentals in Premiere Pro’s free lessons first. 

How Long Does It Take to Learn Adobe Premiere Pro?

It can take you up to 5 months to become competent with Premiere Pro and between 5-6 monthsOpens in a new tab. or more to achieve professional-level competence. Of course, everyone has a different learning speed, so the more invested you are in the software, the quicker you’ll learn.

Many variables can influence your learning pace, including:

  • Whether this is your first time dabbling in video editingOpens in a new tab.
  • Your prior knowledge of filmmaking software
  • How many hours a day you dedicate to learning. It is recommended that you spend a minimum of 20 hours per week learning to achieve proficiency quickly.

If you want to study Premiere Pro, you need first to grasp what it requires.

For MacsOpens in a new tab., you’ll need at least 8 GB of free hard drive space, 8 GB of RAM, and macOS v10.13 or later. Windows PCs have the same minimum storage and memory requirements as Macs but need Microsoft Windows 10 or later.

Is Adobe Premiere Pro Good for Beginners?

Adobe Premiere Pro is good for beginners. Its basic skills can be picked up readily with some of the tutorials on Adobe’s website. It is more powerful than other video editors but has a slight learning curve. There are detailed lessons for novices wanting to learn basic video editing.

Premiere Pro’s simplicity of use is enhanced because it integrates with other Adobe programs, making editing easy if you’re acquainted with After EffectsOpens in a new tab. or Photoshop.Opens in a new tab.

Compared to other video editors, such as iMovie or Movie Maker, the tools are vastly different. Premiere Pro is much more flexible and powerful, allowing it to edit television shows or feature films.

Can You Learn Adobe Premiere Pro for Free?

You may learn Adobe Premiere Pro for free online via YouTube and other internet sites. However, Premiere Pro is a paid application. It is available for free download and has a seven-day trial periodOpens in a new tab. during which you may decide whether you like it or not. 

However, it is a subscription-based video editing tool. Therefore, full access to the sophisticated software is only available via an Adobe membership.

Any other method of downloading Adobe software is unlawful and a bad idea. Not only is this piracy, but you’re also risking a digital infection with viruses and malware.

Premiere Pro is the most affordable as a standalone application. This will be a monthly payment of about $20 per month for a year and include access to all new features and upgrades. Additionally, 100GB of cloud storage, Premiere RushOpens in a new tab., Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark are included with the membership.

Alternatively, you may pay for the whole year in advance for a total of $240.

For more information, check out why Premiere Pro costs so much.Opens in a new tab.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Adobe Premiere Pro?

The best way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro is with the following strategies:

  1. Using video tutorials from Lynda.comOpens in a new tab.
  2. Using the official Adobe Help page
  3. Enrolling on courses on SkillshareOpens in a new tab.
  4. Using professional training courses on PluralsightOpens in a new tab.
  5. Finding free tutorials on YouTube
  6. Finding tutorials on Vimeo Video SchoolOpens in a new tab.

You can take online classes to learn Adobe Premiere Pro video editing and speed up your learning process.

In an online course, you get all of the material in one location. Additionally, these courses are taught by professors with years of industry expertise. 

You should note that you do not have to pay for your lessons. You can discover many courses on YouTube that will take you from beginner to expert video editor.

However, it may be impossible to verify the speaker’s competence when utilizing a site such as Youtube. By comparison, online learning platforms often require prior knowledge from instructors.

For learning platforms that do not require teachers to meet any minimal requirement, instructors must disclose their degree of expertise. That is to help students understand how trustworthy the material is.

Therefore, enrolling in online classes is the ideal way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro quickly if you’re just getting started.

Here are free and paid platforms to learn Adobe Premiere Pro courses online:

  1. Udemy
  2. Adobe
  3. Skillshare

Let’s take a look at some of these courses in more detail.

Udemy — Free Premiere Pro Lessons AvailableOpens in a new tab.

Udemy is an educational platform with over 4,000 video lessons and more than 50 million students, and free Premiere Pro lessons. It is a free marketplace in which anybody may teach anything and charge money for their courses.

For new users, Udemy courses begin at $10. The most costly courses on Udemy are now $199.99, but coupon codes with discounts of up to 90% are often available online.

The Premiere 101 course is intended for those new to editing or who believe they still need to improve their abilities. You’ll learn how to import footage, sync video and audio from various cameras, color correct, configure workspaces, and export correctly in five videos.

Most significantly, there is no prerequisite knowledge of Premiere Pro.

Adobe — Various Video Editing Courses Available

Premiere Pro’s official Adobe website is an excellent learning resource that offers beginner and advanced video editing courses online, particularly for those new to the video editor. You can learn all you need to know about Premiere Pro directly from the developers with numerous short videos.

Visit Adobe Premiere Pro’s official website to find the beginner and advanced video editing courses that allow you to progress at your preferred speed, depending on your previous expertise.

Additionally, if you’re looking to improve a specific skill set in Premiere Pro, the videos are organized by the abilities they highlight. As a result, you’ll have an easier time getting to the information you need rather than being forced to sit through an endless period of material you already know.

Skillshare — Includes a Seven-Day Free Trial

SkillshareOpens in a new tab. is an instructional platform that offers users both premium and free courses and a seven-day free trial. The platform is unique in one way: its instructors are industry experts with the Premiere Pro expertise you’re looking for.

Skillshare allows you to get started for free and gives you access to thousands of free courses.

One free course on the platform is Will Bartlett’s crash course. It’s a great video for people that need Premiere Pro immediately since he covers all of the fundamental abilities in less than 40 minutes.

But most courses are protected and require Skillshare Premium, which costs $15 a month. Additionally, you can opt for the $99 yearly plan, which comes out to $8.25 per month.

What Careers Use Adobe Premiere Pro?

You will use Adobe Premiere Pro if you work in video editingOpens in a new tab.. This category covers professions in cinema, television, and the production of cartoons. It can also be used in the marketing and advertising industry.

You can even pursue a profession in one of the many other developing areas that employ video editors.

Numerous content producers prefer to outsource their video editing to professionals in that field.

Similarly, there are many employment opportunities in event hosting.

Many individuals and businesses capture events and need someone to edit the raw video. For instance, weddings need an editor’s skill to convey a narrative that raw video alone cannot tell.

Once you’re adept in Premiere Pro, you can list your services on platforms such as:

Final Thoughts

Beginning your career with Premiere Pro is a rewarding endeavor. According to Zip Recruiter, video editors who work from home earn an average of over $1,000 each weekOpens in a new tab..

With the potential of video marketing nowadays, you should invest the time to get acquainted with popular editors like Premiere Pro.

As with any tool, the more you use it, the more quickly you will understand it. 


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