Best Setups for Recording Mukbang Videos

In 2010, South Korean internet personalities took to streaming platforms to broadcast mukbang, the latest viral trend. Stars live-streamed themselves binge-eating noisy, crunchy, and fizzy cuisine while interacting with their loyal viewers. This odd ASMR-infused trend still exists today, inspiring many to create their own mukbang channels and earn $10,000s a month.

The best setup for recording mukbang videos includes an ASMR microphone to capture food sounds, a DSLR camera for high-end video, a tripod for multiple angles, and a ring light for artificial brightness. A high-end laptop, video editing software (Final Cut Pro), and food menu finish off the setup.

Creating mukbang videos doesn’t require a pro studio, high-end eateries, or millions of online subscribers. It could cost less than $1,000 to complete your home studio and begin streaming on Twitch or YouTube. To learn about the best setups for recording mukbang videos, read on!

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ASMR or Binaural Microphone

ASMR — autonomous sensory meridian response — is a tingling and borderline euphoric reaction triggered by relaxing sounds. Half of mukbang’s allure is the classic food noises:

  • Tearing open a chip bag
  • Gnawing on crunchy bread
  • Slurping noodles
  • Swallowing and chewing
  • Whispering to the viewer

An ASMR Opens in a new tab.mic can record these noises (and more) without distracting crackles, hums, or hisses. The Blue Yeti USB MicOpens in a new tab. also has four distinct pickup patterns, including an omnidirectional setting for 360° recording to capture every gulp, smack, crunch, and slurp. 

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Resist the urge to lean in too close, breathe directly into the mic, or wear loud clothing (like jangling jewelry or rustling jackets). It’s like a long-distance invite to an online dinner party.

A high-end ASMR microphone can create a full sensory experience as viewers listen to you chew, slurp, and breathe. The video below shows just how vital this audio can be:

High-End Video Camera

Most of your mukbang viewers are foodies themselves looking to satisfy their cravingsOpens in a new tab. through your videos. A well-crafted mukbang video will bring your favorite menu items to life:

  • A pound cake’s internal lusciousness (and ensuing crumble)
  • Lemonade’s vibrant yellow pigment
  • Fried chicken’s rigid, crunchy texture
  • Syrup’s drip, drip, drip with each bite

While iPhone cameras are now like mini Nikons in your pocket, nothing captures the visual charm quite like a pro DSLR camera — like the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera KitOpens in a new tab..

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This HD camera is a sensory haven. It boasts a wide-angle lens to capture the entire four-course dinner on the table in front of you (in true binge fashion). The 18-megapixel sensor will add the texture, color, and detail that allow your viewers to taste the dish from afar.

Transfer each take over the Wi-Fi to avoid the traditional USB/memory card debacle.

Check out which is a better video editing tool between PowerDirector and Adobe Premiere here!Opens in a new tab.

Compatible Tripod

If a mukbang clip feels strangely inviting, it’s no accident. With an HD camera feet away, angled slightly downward, and on the opposite side of a tasty pasta platter, it’s like you’re sharing a meal with an old friend.

Every up-and-coming mukbanger needs an adjustable tripod to secure their camera in place and achieve this comforting vibe. The Polaroid 72″ Premium Tripod stretches an astounding 28″ to 72″ (71 to 183 cm) to get that perfect, welcoming angle. 

Attach your camera, extend the legs, experiment with angles, and hit “record.”

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Nothing robs a video of its ASMR allure like unexpected distractions. Squealing brakes, a noisy air conditioner, and a coughing neighbor can ruin a take and leave it on the cutting room floor. Soundproofing your home studio can drown out those sounds and shun retakes for good.

Soundproof Store Acoustic Wedge Soundproofing Studio Foam TilesOpens in a new tab. will turn that basement studio into a legitimate recording studio. With 144 sq. ft. (13 sq. m.) of coverage, these tiles will return purity to your food noises while also preventing reverb (distracting echoes). The burgundy/grey checkerboard pattern also makes an edgy backdrop for your new mukbang clips.

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Ring Light

Mukbang videos can make even the least-delectable foods look lively, delicious, and radiant. Yet, a dim or dreary room can convert HD recordings into grainy nightmares. It can even look creepy, uninviting, or like you filmed in an abandoned shed.

Return some class to mukbang with the UBeeSize Selfie Ring LightOpens in a new tab.. With this nifty tool, you can choose between three color modes (3000-6000K) and 11 degrees of brightness. This ring light will liven up your next shoot with the perfect amount of artificial light. Position the ring strategically to add glow to your face, highlight crunchy textures, and detail every spice or herb.

Check out to find out more about why ring lights are good for food photography here!Opens in a new tab.

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High-Speed Laptop and Editing Software

A mukbang clip doesn’t exist until it’s thoroughly edited and ready to upload onto social media. However, that finalized ten-minute video could take three hours (or more) to record because of:

  • Interruptions, distracting noises, or mishaps (i.e., dropped utensils)
  • Bathroom or Instagram breaks
  • Recording flubs (saying the wrong phrase, tripping over your words, etc.)
  • Cooking or ordering more food

Once you’ve recorded hours of footage, you’ll transfer it directly to your Apple MacBook AirOpens in a new tab.. The 8-core CPU is nearly four times faster than other processors. Where a standard PC might lag or crash, the Macbook Air allows you to upload, edit, and cut long mukbang videos. Pairing your Mac with Apple’s finest editing software — Final Cut ProOpens in a new tab. — only sweetens the deal.

Never sacrifice video quality (up to 4K) again, infuse seamless transitions, add text subtitles, and perfect every pixel (hue, saturation, and all) for your next upload!

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Delectable (and Noisy) Food Menu

No mukbang setup is complete without a bottomless meal to film yourself eating. Before ordering or cooking your next mukbang inspiration, weigh these three concepts:

  • How the food tastes (even if the taste makes you wince, make sure it looks tasty!)
  • How the food sounds (prioritize crunch, slurp, gulps, goop, and fizz)
  • How the food looks (every color, texture, and microscopic detail matters)

Experiment with new menu items as often as possible. Order from classic fast-food joints, make a homemade dish, or try global cuisine to broaden your scope.

Recording Mukbang Videos on a Budget

Famous mukbangers like Zach ChoiOpens in a new tab. and Eat with BokiOpens in a new tab. boast over 15 million combined followers and potentially millions in ad revenue. However, for a casual mukbang hobbyist like yourself, spending $2,500+ on authentic recording equipment could be pricey.

To record mukbang videos on a budget:

  • Film short clips on a smartphone (4K video quality preferred).
  • Record in a quiet room with good acoustics (a bathroom with tiled walls, for example).
  • Create a DIY tripod with a lampshade, piled books, or household itemsOpens in a new tab..
  • Choose sunny days and film videos near uncovered windows.
  • Look for local restaurant discounts and freebies for a low-cost menu.
  • Tinker with free video editing software like DaVinci ResolveOpens in a new tab..

If you’re going to “splurge” on any mukbang gear, always prioritize an ASMR or binaural microphone. Modern smartphones capture HD video quite well, and a mic is the other must-have for a future viral hit.

If you are looking for budget microphone ideas, check out this post here!Opens in a new tab.

Check out my picks for the Best Cheap Camera for Filmmaking or Video RecordingOpens in a new tab.


Learning how to record mukbang videos takes time and patience. You’ll experiment with various mic positions, light intensities, and rooms until you can find the perfect combination. The sensory (video and sound) aspects are only the first steps for a successful streamer. 

To lure viewers into watching and subscribing, you’ll need to:

  • Show your personality (humor, empathy, inquisitive).
  • Bring excitement and surprises.
  • Make engaging facial expressions (laugh, cry, wince).
  • Talk directly to the viewer.

A DSLR camera and a ring light won’t magically ignite your mukbang channel. Your personality brings the viewers; the tech setup keeps them around.


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