Home Studio Expert Has Acquired Rare Electric Guitars – Here’s What To Expect

Home Studio Expert Has Acquired Rare Electric Guitars

At Home Studio Expert, we are focussed on delivering the best quality content for anything in the studio world, whether that is recommending the best hardware to you or recommending the best software – we want to be your one stop resource for anything studio related whether that is for sound, photography, or anything else..

Not only are we studio experts, but since our acquisition of Rare Electric Guitars we have expanded our content to cover wider topics within music and sound, as well as in addition to our existing content which covers everything from Photography, Video, Recording, Podcasts and even ASMR.

Read on to learn what our sight has to offer, from expert advice to product review, we have it all

Home Studio Expert Has Acquired Rare Electric Guitars

In The Recording Studio

Music is ever popular and the home recording studio is becoming more and more accessible to the home producer and mixer.

We’re full of advice for beginners from our experts on topics such as mixing vocals, recording protocols, recording without a mic, cable organization, monitor placement and more.

As well as different reviews of various digital audio workshops and equipment  that are available to the home producer such as Logic Pro, Komplete, the best software for certain equipment, Pro Tools, Cubase Elements, which mixer to use and much more.

That’s not to forget the troubleshooting guides we understand are super important for beginners, for broken XLR cables, TRS cable noise, soundproofing mistakes and the classic issue of a quiet mic.

With these resources both traditional recording artists and more modern users can learn and grow.

Photogrpahy Studio

In The Photography Studio

We have you covered for content in the photography studio. Sometimes you need some advice from the experts on what’s best not just cameras and their specific usage but comparing lighting products, which lighting products are the best for a specific purpose as well as basic ‘how to’ guides for lighting as well as DIY alternatives.

As well as practical guides to the logistical world of photography such as how many watts you need for good lighting, how much a photography studio actually sets you back, as well as how big a photography studio should actually be and how to fix your green screen.

With the content on our site, which grows by the day, we have everything you need to know to buy the best products, educate yourself about the industry, and be the best studio photographer at homes as well as in the studio.

Video Studio

In The Video Studio

One modern manifestation of the studio is the video studio, with gaming setups, streaming, cam setups, and more, the world of video studios has moved from the hills of Hollywood back into the home, and we have kept up with it.

Want to know the best mic for streaming, best camera for YouTube, or if ring lights are good for streaming? We have you covered alongside a whole host of other helpful recommendations.

Moreover, our website is great for when you get stuck on annoying technical issues such as a why your editing software is slow, what frame rate YouTube videos should be, how to get your headset mic to sound better, troubleshooting monitor issues as well as the age old questions that modern video studio owners still have to conquer such as the best carpet for soundproofing, and how to set up an audio mixer.

Editing audio is big in the at home studio so we have guides on how to sync audio, fix clipped audio, avoid clipped audio.

Our video studio content is focused on the home video studio usually inhabited by streamers, YouTube content creators and more.

In The Podcast Studio

Another modern manifestation of the studio has come as podcasts have become more and more popular.

You have probably heard someone say ‘everyone has a podcast now’ and that’s because it’s mainly true, with this said we can become the main source of information, product recommendations, and troubleshooting within this world.

Whether you need to hide your microphone from a camera, want tips for studio quality audio, or just recommendations for the best laptop for podcasting, or even how to record a podcast with one mic, we have it all at Home Studio Experts.

Soundproofing is important when recording podcasts, we have expert opinions on materials, carpet padding, isolation shields, and much more.

In The ASMR Studio

Potentially one of the most recent developments in the world of studio quality equipment and who uses it is in the ASMR studio. Audio Sensory Meridian Response often relies on very high quality mics.

But don’t fear as we are on the precipice of everything studio related, that means we have guides to the best microphones for ASMR, how to use them for ASMR and the best apps for recording high quality ASMR audio, as well as plenty of guides to ASMR eating videos, potential editing softwares, the necessity of headphones, how to use a green screen, as well as soundproofing recommendations.

We have everything you need to get an ASMR studio set up for some high quality recordings, which in addition to the other content on the site can be a wealth of knowledge for any ASMRtist.

In Summary

It’s clear that at Home Studio Expert that we have earned and championed this name for a reason, we are your one stop resource for anything related to the studio both old and new, hardware and software, as well as general recommendations for products that our experts love.

In addition, our recent acquisitions mean that we have been able to breach new ground we never thought was possible, allowing us to stay really up to date on the more modern uses of studio equipment.

Beyond the recording studio we can now cover everything from video and photography to the newer and trending uses of the studio for things like ASMR and podcasting.